10-minute walk from JR Nagahama Station → Nagahama Port

Nagahama I.C. down in the Hokuriku and go straight to the lake to the west.
(With parking at the Port)

Please inquire of the【Biwako Kisen】externals about the service.


It is Hikone port from JR Hikone Station in bus 20 minutes / taxi 5 minutes

(I turn right than Hikone I.C. at a TOMACHI crossing and go straight on and make a left turn on an overpass)
Please inquire of the Oumi marine externals about the service.


5-minute walk from JR Oumi Imazu Station → Imazu Port

I turn right, and it is gone straight on a left turn with 161 national highway signals Kosai road Shiga I.C getting off. (With parking at the Port)

Please inquire of the 【Biwako Kisen】externals about the service.
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